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How to Grow and Care for White Wizard Philodendron

6 Min Read White Wizard Philodendron among the numerous Philodendron family members is distinct. Indoor plant enthusiasts treasure this plant greatly because of its rarity.

How to Make DIY Ollas: Low-Tech Plant Self-Watering Systems

6 Min Read This is a guide to creating your DIY ollas out of terracotta plant pots and how to use them in the garden. Even in the hottest regions, ollas are a cheap way to hydrate plants.

Portulaca: How to Perfectly Growing & Caring

6 Min Read Portulaca, often called the moss rose, is a stunning and versatile plant that adds colour to any landscape. Gorgeous, rose-like petals, ranging in colour from pastels to magnificent tones, are the highly prized feature of these low-growing annuals.

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