Lithodora Plant


The Lithodora is a small genus of flowering plants. The species name is also used as the common name of the most popular species Lithodora diffusa. It is a low-growing floral groundcover that looks great in rock gardens, next to walkways, and around flower borders.

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Poa annua Plant

Poa annua Plant

The Poa annua is often known as annual meadow grass, sometimes called annual bluegrass or simply Poa in America. The Poaceae family’s winter annual annual bluegrass has a yellow-green tint and forms clumps.

Turfgrass growth is common in temperate regions. As the name suggests an annual plant, there are

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Bromeliad Plant

bromeliad plant

The Bromeliads are a family of monocot flowering plants with over 3700 recognized species with 80 Species. Its habitat is mainly in tropical America.

A few species also occur in tropical America and one in tropical West Bromeliads are plagued by scale.

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Coffee Plant

coffee plant

The Coffee Plant is a pretty miniature with glossy green leaves and a confined growth pattern. It makes a surprisingly decent indoor plant in a pot.

The Coffee belongs to the family of flowering plants called Rubiaceae.

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Spartina Alterniflora Plant

Spartina Alternilora Plant

The Spartina alterniflora is also known as Sporobolus alterniflorus or smooth cordgrass. Saltmarsh cordgrass, or salt-water cordgrass, is a perennial deciduous grass. It is found in intertidal wetlands, especially in coastal salt marshes.

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How to Grow and Plant a Strong Queen of the Night Flower Plant?

Queen Of The Night Flower plant

Queen of the night, often called Dutchman’s pipe cactus, night princess or Epiphyllum oxypetlum is a type of cactus. It blooms at night, and its flowers fade before dawn. This perennial grows up to ten feet tall.

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