Parijat tree – The Tree from Paradise

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Do you searching for a tree with extra fragrance, then you are right with a parijat tree. Parijat is known as “night jasmine” because The flowers of parijat bloom at night. Parijat maybe a little tree that develops to a tallness of 10 meters.

The leaves are inverse and develop up to 6-12 cm in length. Its fragrant flowers comprise five to eight lobed white petals with an orange ruddy pin-wheeled stalk within the middle. The flowers come 2-7 together, and the Blossoming time is from June- December.

According to Vishnu Purana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatam Purana, it is learnt that the expound prepare of Samudra Manthan of primal waters of the enormous sea yielded the Parijat tree as one of the three resources and this tree, said to have bloomed on Mount Meru within the plant of heaven and distinguished with the Indian coral tree.

What is a night-flowering Jasmin tree?

Night flowering jasmine

This plant belongs to the “Oleaceae” family. The night-flowering tree may be a sacred baobab tree within The Kintoor Uttar Pradesh in India, almost which there are a few legends.

It may be a secured tree arranged in the Barabanki area of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The word alludes to the Indian coral tree, night-flowering coral jasmine or fragrance.

Night flowering jasmine tree is mainly known for its flower.

Other names of Parijat tree

In Bengal, this plant is also called “Shefali”. In Sri Lanka, this plant is known as “sepalika”.
Mostly this plant is known as night-flowering tree or Harshringar or Coral Jasmine worldwide or Kalpavriksha.
The Scientific name of this plant is “Nyctanthes arbor-tristis”.
It is known as “rat-ki-rani” as commonly.

Origin (History) of Parijat Plant

According to Mahabharat, Kunti (Mother of the Pandeva’s). Close a sanctuary set up by Kunti could be an uncommon tree called Parijaat.
According to the Harridans Purana, the Parijaat Tree may be a wish bearing tree, which, separated from this tree, is as it was found in paradise.
By Vishnupuran, God Krishna brought this tree for his cherished queen Satyabhama or Rukmini.

What we need before growing this ?

Choose the shaded area of the garden which receive few hours of direct sunlight.
These plant shoots develop different directions, so you need trimming.

Flower and leaves


Parijat Flower This plant is mostly known for there flower.
The beauty of this plant is their white flowers; and These flowers grow at night, and in the morning, they turn into yellow colour.


Parijat leaves

Parijat leaves have been used to treat different types of fevers, worm infestation, cough and arthritis.

Steps of planting Parijat tree?

Ideal time to plant ?

Monsoon time is always the ideal time to grow a beautiful flowering plant.

From July to September is the best time to plant parijat.

Soil need for parijat plant

This plant needs sandy and well-drained soil to grow properly.

Where to plant parijat

planting night flowering jasmin

It is superior to develop the plant within the shaded zone of the garden, which gets some hours of coordinated daylight, and It is also developed in the pot.

How much sun does the parijat tree need

Parijat trees need a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

Where does the parijat grow most?

Parijat develops within the external Himalayas and are found in tracts of Jammu & Kashmir. Other than India, they are found in Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Nepal to the East of Assam, Bengal. Tripura expanded through the Central region up to the Godavari within the South.

What is the importance of the parijat tree?

This tree is additionally known as the tree of the Universe and the blossoms are alluded to as Harsingar or the “gems of the Lord”.

How to grow Parijat Plant

growing parijat

By cutting

  1. Cut the mature stem into 15-20 cm(6-8 inches) in length.
  2. Cutting the stem at an angle increases its surface area.
  3. Remove at least half of the leaves from the stem.
  4. Dip the cut end in rooting hormone.
  5. Take a pot with sandy and well-drained soil.
  6. Enter the stem into the soil.
  7. Give regular water to this plant.
  8. Cover stem with plastic bottle or container.
  9. After 10 days, the stem will grow very well.

The paper bag system

  1. For growing parijat, the paper bag system is the fastest system.
  2. In the paper bag system, put 12-15 seeds in the moist paper towel.
  3. Put this towel in the zip-lock bag.
  4. Leave zip-lock pouch in the sunny place.
  5. After 10 days, the seed will start to grow.

How to care this night flowering jasmine?

Parijat Care

How often to water parijat

Water after the soil almost be dry, and the Parijat tree hates standing water, which causes the root to die. Parijat needs less water.
Water deeply but not frequently. Water one time in the week.

Add fertilizer

This plant will deliver way better in the event that it is somewhat root-bound. The planted soil can be correct by applying fertilizer. You’ll utilize natural matter to renew the soil or apply an adjusted 20-20-20 fluid houseplant fertilizer or a fertilizer with less nitrogen.
Fertilize this plant one time a year.


Pruning it back by half its in general tallness each year. In its local domain, where it’s utilized medicinally, the plant is as often as possible subjected to extreme pruning and can promptly recover from indeed many inches of the stump.

Clip off any wayward branches to prep the bush into more of an adjusted shape. It can got to be shaggy in appearance when permitted to develop unchecked. Utilize sharp, clean, cleaned pruning shears and clean them after each utilizes.

Uses of Parijat tree

Medically uses

Parijat is known as an awesome antipyretic, and It cures different queasy sorts of fever, counting intestinal sickness, dengue, and chikungunya fevers. Later, it recommends that Parijat leaf and bark extricate are exceptionally valuable to enhance fever right away. It makes a difference to extend the platelet tally in dengue and chikungunya fever.

Uses of Leaves and flower

Parijat leaves have been utilized to treat a diverse kind of fevers, worm invasion, hack, joint pain, and leaves’ juice works as a tonic. Kadha of parijat is fabulous for joint pain, worm infestation, clogging, and flowers brilliantly use for gastric complaints and respiratory complaints.

Use as an Immunity booster

Parijat blooms and leaves act as immunity to boost resistance due to the nearness of ethanol in it. Take around 25 leaves and blooms of Parijat and pound it by including 1 glass of water. Bubble the blend and decrease it to half; at that point, channel the arrangement and partition it into three breaks even parts.

Expend each portion within the morning, twelve and evening, 1 hour sometime recently the dinners & proceed for 2 months.

In malaria and chikungunia

The leaf of this plant has anti-malaria properties and is utilized to treat chronic and high-temperature fevers by conventional medication professionals. The unrefined extricated from the leaves makes a difference in remembering malarial, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

Since platelet tallies diminish in dengue. Take 1 table-spoon leaves powder into 2 cups water its helps to treat malaria and chikungunya.

Work as a laxative

Parijat may be a demonstrated truth that Harsingar helps to bargain with clogging. It may be a substitute for diuretics and performs much way better than one, and It has extraordinary minerals in it, which encourages the control of the stomach related system.

Prevents gas

Gas can be greatly bothering and can cause shortcoming, stomach hurt and indeed discombobulation. Normal utilization of Harsingar treats gas related issues effortlessly.

Anticipates Radical harm to the body

Health issues and maturing are ordinarily caused due to radical harm to the cells of our body, and This is often known as oxidative harm. To avoid such harm, cancer prevention agents are required, and the Parijat can be utilized to avoid the improvement of cancer cells.

Decreases Asthma Symptoms

The leaves are not a remedy for asthma, but they are exceptionally successful in diminishing the side effects of asthma.

As an Anti-Aging

Its leaf has anti-oxidant properties that battle with free radicals. Hence, it decreases the harm by free radicals within the body, thus working as an anti-aging specialist.

Manage diabetes

The parijat leaves used to manage diabetes the leaves known to decrease high blood sugar levels.

Interesting facts

  • Parijat utilize for different skin problems.
  • It is utilized to decrease dandruff from hair.
  • Parijat blooms oil is utilized as a body perfume.
  • Their leaves in case of wind poising.
  • The leaves are utilized as a relieving specialist and getting free of lice.
  • Taking as well many leaves can cause nausea.
  • Taking as well many leaves cause throat problem.

Question related to parijat plant

1. Can we plant parijat at home?
Yes, It can be overseen as a bush or develop as a bit of a tree up to 10 m tall.

2. What is the utilize of parijat leaves?
In Ayurveda, Parijat leaves have been utilized to treat diverse fevers, worm pervasion, hack, and joint pain.

3. How many night flowering jasmine trees are there in India?
There are four fully developed night flowering jasmine trees in Lucknow.

4. How do you take parijat leaves?
Parijat leaves powder in a glass of water and expend it promptly for moment help, and It’ll ultimately advantage in under 3 months.

5. Do parijat plant spread?

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