How To Propagate Desert Rose – Growing & Caring Adenium Obesum

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Are you searching a house plant which makes extraordinary in your garden, then desert rose plant is for you. The desert rose is a slow-growing plant. It is growing less 13 inches per year. It has a unique type stem and shiny, dark green leaves.

Desert rose look like bonsai plant. It has pink, white, purple, and red colour flower. Desert rose plant is easy, however, it will take some delicacy. It wants a lot of daylight and regular watering. Desert Rose has lots of healing properties that may be helpful to your human body.

It’s celebrated to assist with muscular flexibility and within the regeneration of tissues. It will do wonders for the skin as a result of it, can enhance and renew the physical property of the skin and also the tissues.

What is an Adenium obesum?

Adenium obesum is a plant of flowering plant in the “dogbane family”, Apocynaceae.

This is a striking plant with succulent stems and deep pink, red, purple flowers.

The Adenium obesum is a small succulent tree native to Arabia and Africa.

Other names of Desert rose plant

Desert rose plant generally known as Sabi star, kudu, mock azalea and impala lily.

The Scientific name of this plant is “Adenium obesum”.

History of Desert Rose Plant

In history, bush could be a species of seed plant within the dogbane family. That’s native to the Sahel regions, south of the Sahara from Mauritania and African country to Sudan, and tropical and semitropical japan and southern continent and Arabia.

Leaves and Flower of Desert Rose


The leaves of this plant are shiny and dark green leaves.

Desert Rose Leaves


Desert rose plant has very beautiful flowers. Its flowers are slightly pointed at the terminal end of each petal. This plant has pink, white, purple, and red colour flower.

Desert Rose Flowers

How to Grow Desert Rose Plant

Grow Desert Rose Plant

Here are the Steps of How To Propagate Desert Rose

When to plant?

The Spring season is the best season to plant desert rose plant.

Begin to grow, This plant needs full sunlight and a temperature of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to grow?

Desert rose plant easily grow in pots.

Within the garden, select a sunny location that has some protection from noontide sun, as this will scorch the foliage. The soil is incredibly vital.

Desert rose plant like bright, lightweight, therefore a southern window exposure provides enough sun for the plants to flourish and bloom.

What type of soil to use?

Use a potting combine developed for desert rose plant. Use regular potting soil mixed with equal elements perlite or sand to make sure the soil is well-draining.

Once repotting desert rose plants, ensure the soil is dry before gently removing the Adenium obesum from its pot. The basic combine continues to be identified, however you will get to add a lot of or less fiber for wetness management.

Once commixture soil for adenomas plants non-seedlings. Use  65% perlite, 15% organic material, 10 % sand/rock and 10% coir.

How much sun does desert rose plant need?

Desert rose plant want full sunlight. This plant wants location wherever it will get direct daylight for a minimum of six hours per day.

Direct daylight is preferred, particularly once they are in their active growth part throughout the summer months.

How huge do Adenium obesum plants get?

This plant could be a slow growing plant. Outside in hot climates, the plants will become old to nine feet tall and regarding four feet wide. However, your container-grown Adenium obesum can grow solely a couple of feet high. Opt for a special container; your desert rose can look lovely on the ground or a table.

Where does desert rose grow most?

Desert rose plant grow most in hotter climates. It’s growing in Africa, the centre East and Madagascar.

How much water does desert rose plant need?

The Adenium obesum solely desires watering once the soil feels dry.

They should be watered two or three times per week, reckoning on however dry your climate is Healthy plants may be wet in an exceedingly instrumentation of spring water.

In the winter, it solely desires water each 3 or four weeks.

How To Propagate Desert Rose at Home?

How To Propagate Desert Rose

By seeds

  • Growing desert rose plant take 50% coco peat and 50% find sand. And mix it well.
  • Take a big shallow pot or container.
  • Make sure the pot or container has holes at bottom.
  • And fill the pot with potting mix.
  • Spread the seeds of desert rose plant on the surface of the potting mix.
  • Spread seeds 1 inch apart from each other.
  • Sprinkle the fine sand layer above the seeds. Add a very little amount of water.
  • Put it in bright, and indirect sunlight location.

By stem cutting

  • Cut the branch of Adenium.
  • Remove the leaves from this stem.
  • After cutting, let put the branch for 7 days in the shade.
  • Take 50% coco peat and 50% find sand. And mix it well.
  • Take a big shallow pot or container. Make sure the pot or container has holes at bottom.
  • And fill the pot with potting mix.
  • Press the stem on the surface of the potting mix.
  • Add a very little amount of water.
  • Again water when the upper layer of soil become dry.
  • After one and half month the leaves will start to grow.

Types of Adenium Plants

Adenium Swazicum
This may be a species of seed plant within the Apocynaceae. That’s native to the lowveld of Eswatini and therefore the Mpumalanga province of African nation.

Adenium Somalens
This is a dwarf, additional compact style of genus Adenium somalens with distinctive flowers and an oversized underground caudex for the plant size. The flowers are white with quilled petals heavily stripy with red or utterly red. They’re typically oversubscribed as “Adenium crispum”.

Adenium Arabicum
This is a species of plant normally used for tree and cultivated for its leaves, growth kind and flowering characteristics. The leaves of this species have a wide surface. Leaves additionally tend to be massive and somewhat leatherlike in look.

Adenium Boehmianum
This may be a toxic succulent endemic to the principally dry regions of northern Namibia and southern Republic of Angola. The San folks boil the basis sap and latex to organize arrow poison. That is ample for looking massive mammals, because it contains robust cardiotoxic effects.

Adenium Multiflorum
Adenium multiflorum is little, juicy tree local to central and eastern Southern continent.Multiflorum consolidates a whitish latex with destructive alkaloids, particularly inner organ glycosides. This latex is employed as associate arrow poison and as a fish beautiful poison.

Care of Desert Rose Plant

Desert Rose Plant Care


Water the plant frequently, regarding once a week. Add water till you’ll be able to see water running into the saucer. Within the fall and winter once the quantity of daylight the plant receives lessens.

It should come with a dormant amount and even lose its leaves. Cut approach back on the water within the winter and treat the plant as you’d a succulent. Water it only the soil is totally dry, regarding once each 2 or 3 weeks.

Amount of sunlight

Adeniums grow full sun in order that they want smart light-weight to thrive. Direct daylight is preferred, particularly once they are in their active growth section throughout the summer months. Keep them in the filtered daylight till they start to grow. The Adenium obesum desires full daylight and a temperature of twenty one of twenty six degrees Anders Celsius. The temperature ought to never drop below fifteen degrees Celsius.

Desert Rose Plant Pruning

Cut back long, lanky shoots to regarding an equivalent length as alternative stems, employing a try of sharp, clean pruners. Prune any branches that rub or cross alternative branches. Create the cuts simply higher than a leaf node, or wherever the stem joins with another stem. This way, there’s no ugly stub.

Cut off any cold-damaged parts of the Adenium obesum in late winter or spring once new growth has emerged. Take away all broken parts of the plant, creating a delve living, healthy tissue and simply higher than a node.

Wipe or spray the blades of the cutlery with an application or a 10-percent bleach answer, or dip them into this answer, between uses and plants and, if you’re creating cuts to get rid of unhealthy plant components, once every cut.

Fertilizer for Desert Rose Plant

Desert rose does not need plenty of chemical; however, regular feeding ensures the plant receives the nutrients it has to turn out blooms. Feed indoor Adeniums each week throughout the spring and summer, employing a soluble chemical diluted to 0.5 strength.

To encourage growth and flowering, the mock azalia plant responds well to a phosphorus-rich chemical. Bone meal chemical is made in phosphorus and a decent alternative for feeding mock azalia Adeniums.

Fertilize with a dilution by half a 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer once per month once the plant is actively growing.

Winter care

Keep soil moderately wet in spring and summer, however cut back watering in the fall and particularly winter once the plant is dormant.

Don’t feed the Adenium obesum throughout winter. Within the winter, it solely wants water each 3 or four weeks.

Problems in the Adenium Plant

Root rot

Desert rose plant stem, root is caused by a flora. It’s the foremost common downside with adenium. The Adenium rot is either black, dark drown or yellow. Shrub rot part will be wet or dry and it processes down the stem of the Adenium. Then cut the branch way enough down therefore you simply see sensible tissue with discoloration. Adenium might stop this rot from forming an abscission zone.

On this downside Use a strong hosepipe to blow out the rotten half.

Use a spoon to scoop the rotten deracinate.

Cut the tiny rotten half out.

Cut an enormous chunk of the basis & caudex out.

White leaf fungle

A White plant Adenium sickness that affects the leaf 1st so kills the remainder of the plant. The fungi can unfold to alternative adenium quickly. If you encounter this downside take away the unhealthy shrub plant to associate insulation space. If the matter gets to the stem, then the plant sometimes dies. It is caused by over watering.

Leaf Disease :

Just take away the effected leaves on the bush plant and move the situation of the dicot genus therefore the leaves dry out. After you water strives to not wet the leaves or if your plants are watered mistreatment sprinklers ensure you are doing it early within the day therefore the leaves have time to dry out quickly.

Don’t water adenomas with in the evenings. Within the tropics or desert this is often not sometimes a drag as a result of even the nights are still heat enough to dry out the leaves of the adenium quick.

Most Interesting Facts:

  • All components of the plant are toxicant. Symptoms could embrace slow heartbeat, low vital sign, lethargy, lightheadedness and indigestion.
  • The bush is toxic to dogs as a result of it contains toxicant chemicals known as glycosides.
  • That can have an effect on a cat’s pulse and cause puking.
  • Desert Rose carries a delicate calming and rejuvenating energy which will facilitate to alleviate stress whereas enhancing your resoluteness.
  • It’s a beautiful crystal to meditate with to assist bring clarity of the mind and cleanse the energy of your body.
  • A Desert Rose may be a selenite gypsum that happens normally.

Questions related to Adenium Obesum

1.Is desert rose an interior plant?

When grown up inside, an impala lily will be 2ft-5ft tall and one foot-3 feet wide. This plants have lovely flowers and thin tiny leaves. The Adenium obesum plant needs bright indirect lightweight. High lightweight refers solely to bright indirect lightweight since the direct sun usually burns the leaves of indoor house plants.

2. How much sun will a Adenium obesum need?

Plant them within the spring and keep them in the filtered daylight till they start to grow. The Adenium obesum wants full daylight and a temperature of seventy to eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What is Adenium obesum sensible for?

Desert Rose has lots of healing properties that may be helpful to your bod. It’s notable to assist with muscular flexibility and within the regeneration of tissues. It will wonders for the skin as a result of it, can enhance and renew the snap of the skin and also the tissues.

4. Can desert rose plant grow in full sun?


5. Can you grow desert rose plant in a pot?


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