20 Amazing Indoor White-Flowering Houseplants

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Do you want to make sure that the new houseplant you’re adding to your collection has white flowers? Fortunately, there are plenty of varieties of white-flowering indoor houseplants!

Each of these likely fits into a different gardening goal for your indoor garden, depending on your tastes. Take inspiration from this assortment of indoor white flowering plants.

1. Oxalis

Oxalis Flower.jpg

The purple leaves on this adorable little plant resemble triangles and fold down at night or in low light. Above the foliage, a nearly continuous display of pale pink or white blossoms occurs. Additionally, there are oxalis cultivars with plain green foliage that have accents of silver.

2. Amaryllis

White Amaryllis Flower.jpg

The amaryllis flower is well-known for its amazing flowers and resilience. It can yield one or two blossoms per bulb, but you can plant numerous bulbs in each pot. Bright white blossoms atop leafless stalks are the end result. Though some amaryllis has dazzling white petals with pink tints around the margins, amaryllis often appears in red or white.

If you keep these bulbs well-fed and prune them when the flowers are dying, they will continue to produce blossoms indoors for several years. An amaryllis plant has to be fertilized, but the most critical thing to remember is not to overwater it. The bulb will probably decay if the soil is wet.

3. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Flower.jpg

A classic is the peace lily. Its combination of long, oval, dark-green foliage and boat-shaped, white flowers with a yellow center exemplifies elegance. When it comes to peace lilies, cleanliness is more than just appearance—this plant is a great air filter.

For this tropical beauty, moderate light is essential. If you attempt to replicate its natural habitat, medium to high humidity will be helpful. Regular soaking of the leaves is enjoyed by peace lilies.

4. Anthurium

Anthurium Flower.jpg

Heart-shaped leaves and blooms adorn anthurium plants, popularly called flamingo blooms. Usually red, pink, or orange, the flowers—or more precisely, the spathes—have a crisp, contemporary appearance, but white-flowering types also do. All year round, anthurium plants can produce flowers that last up to six weeks.

5. Jasmine

Jasmine Plant.jpg

The fragrant, star-shaped, little white blossoms of the jasmine plant, which is widely known worldwide, are composed of delicate white petals. Its lovely white blooms last until the frost and appear in the spring and summer. Giving your loved ones this lovely flower would be heartfelt.

6. Gardenias

Gardenia Peony.jpg

This striking plant is a lovely addition to your indoor plant collection with its large, rose-like blossoms set against vibrant green foliage. Even though gardenias are known for being high-maintenance plants, you can help them grow by giving them the care they need.

7. Baby’s Breath

Babys Breath Flower.jpg

Baby’s breath flowers, or gypsophila, are a common filler flower used in bouquets, wreaths, and other floral arrangements. A white baby’s breath is frequently used as a sign of everlasting love in wedding ceremonies. Because of its white hue, it is also believed to represent purity and contentment.

8. Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia.jpg

White blooms adorn the angel-wing begonia type, but the plant’s dark green leaves with scarlet undersides are its real attraction. The plant gets its name from these enormous, angel-wing-like leaves. The plant appears stately until it blossoms, at which point cute, small white blooms appear along the stem.

9. Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid Flower-1.jpg

Moth orchids grow easily and produce long-lasting, three-month-long blossoms in a variety of hues, including white! It is among the best white-flowering indoor plants that you may cultivate!

10. Stephanotis

Stephanotis Flower.jpg

The Stephanotis, commonly called the Madagascar jasmine, is a perennial flower that mimics the blossoms of white lilies. Cutting back on the flower heads encourages the plant to grow more and extends the time it blooms.

After this plant’s white blooms on the vines have faded, it is best to let it rest. Following that, it enters a latent condition and thrives in a cold, well-lit environment.

11. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus Flower.jpg

The Christmas Cactus is a trailing succulent that is well-known for its vibrant, tubular flowers. It usually blooms in late fall or early winter, right before the holidays. While red and pink flowers are popular, white flowering kinds can also bring a little bit of Christmas cheer into your house.

12. Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley Flower.jpg

A lovely and aromatic addition to your brilliant window with pointed green leaves is the lily of the valley, with its delicious, fragrant white vine-shaped blossoms! Lilies of the valley are very beautiful and are used in bridal bouquets as well as royal weddings.

13. Arabian Jasmine

Arabian Jasmine Flower.jpg

The Arabian jasmine produces a delicate, floral aroma throughout the year when it’s starry, pure-white, fragrant blossoms bloom. Hawaii uses its petals to produce flower necklaces and jasmine tea. The long stems of this shrubby vine can be trained on a trellis or allowed to grow in an arching mound.

14. Tuberose

Tuberose Flower.jpg

This kind of flower, which blooms at night, is connected to forbidden pleasures. This bloom is associated with a multitude of events and stories. Tuberose is often used in centrepieces and bouquets.

15. White Geranium

White Geranium.jpg

They are among the greatest indoor container plants to grow, with their succulent leaves and delicate white flowers. If you give them adequate, bright sunlight, they will keep blooming for a very long time.

16. Kalanchoe

White Kalanchoe.jpg

The unique house plant kalanchoe has clusters of tiny red or white blossoms. Though white kalanchoe is less common than red, it still forms a lovely, tiny potted bush.

This plant, which is native to Africa, can be harmed by overwatering or inadequate sunlight because it is rarely wet. Other than that, it is really simple to maintain.

17. Baby toes

Baby-toes Flower.jpg

This succulent is well-known for having a year-round appealing appearance. This low-maintenance windowsill plant has luscious, juicy leaves that kind of look like a baby’s toes!

Fenestraria rhopalophylla has tiny, unforgettable-looking white flowers in the spring and fall. Keep in mind that for optimal plant growth, place your Baby Toe succulent near the window with the most sunlight.

18. Anemone

White Anemone Flower.jpg

To flourish, this hardy perennial needs some light and a good supply of water. We adore the distinct character they lend to untied bouquets and floral arrangements.

19. White Magnolia

White Magnolia.jpg

White magnolia, one of the sweetest-smelling flowers, is very well-liked in the US. It was not unexpected, considering its delicate appearance and scent. It is enormous, with velvety dark brown undersides and deep green leaves with creamy white petals. The aroma of this white magnolia is spicy and flowery. Invest in this lovely white flower to add brightness to your house.

These lovely white flowers for interior decorations, pots, and vases will definitely make your house feel lighter and brighter. Additionally, you can give these to your loved ones on any occasion.

20. Crown of Thorns

Crown-of-Thorns Flower.jpg

The crown of thorns is a delight to a home gardener, despite its somber and biblical name. This plant is simple to maintain and produces little, round white blossoms that help to slightly warm the winter months. It can potentially bloom for the entire year.

The name of this plant comes from its spiky, prickly stalks. But the blooms, with two petals creating an almost perfect circle in groups around the shrub, also have a crown-like quality. Remember that crown of thorns plants are toxic to pets, particularly cats, if you intend to take care of one.

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