20 Yellow Peony Varieties for your Garden

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Do you want to give your flowerbeds a few yellow accent pieces? There is an abundance of varieties of yellow-blooming peony, so you’re definitely spoiled for choice!

In this post, we look at our favourite yellow peony varieties, complete with descriptions and pictures!

1. Duchesse de Lorraine

Duchesse de Lorraine.jpg

Scientific Name:  Paeonia ‘Duchesse de Lorraine’

The French Lorraine region is the source of the name “Duchesse de Lorraine.” It was the birthplace of Victor Lemoine, a well-known peony grower. It produces dense, brilliant yellow blooms that are exceptionally huge and bomb-like. There are typically 120–150 petals on each flower.

Perched atop a robust stalk, this plant has two beautiful flowers that are particularly aromatic. From mid-spring until early summer, it blooms.

2. Garden Treasure

Garden Treasure.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Garden Treasure’

“Garden Treasure” is an intersectional peony that initially resembles “Bartzella.” On the other hand, the plant grows to be taller, just 2½ feet tall and 3 feet broad, and its flowers are more often golden yellow. Additionally, there’s a greater chance that “Garden Treasure” blooms are semi-double. Similar to “Bartzella,” “Garden Treasure” smells lemony.

A gardener’s dream comes true with peonies: captivating foliage, stunning blooms, and a delightful, alluring scent. I hope you’ll give one of these exceptional, top-performing pink, white, or yellow peonies a try.

3. Lemon Chiffon peony

Lemon Chiffon-peony.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Lemon Chiffon’

The delicate, light-yellow Lemon Chiffon Peony has noticeable golden center stamens. Bright gold stamens and lovely double petals adorn the ball-shaped flowers, which have a width of 5 to 6 inches. Beautiful deep green foliage and sturdy stems support the weighty blossoms on these plants.

Zones 3–8 are suitable for growing the lemon chiffon peony. They usually flower in mid-late April, in the midst of the peony season. At maturity, plants grow to be 32′′ tall and 24–36′′ wide at a medium pace.

4. Bartzella


Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Bartzella‘

These big, bright flowers are supported by sturdy, upright stalks. They are a mid-season peony, with flowers that last for three to four weeks from late spring to early summer. This peony’s outstanding bloom structure and colour are complemented by a delightful lemony aroma.

5. Yellow Crown

Yellow Crown.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Going Bananas’

“Yellow Crown” is the rare collecting variety that alludes to ito-hybrids. A low herbaceous culture can reach a height of 60 cm. There are perhaps sixty buds on this bushy bush. Large, divided, and dark green is the leaf plate. A plant with medium-sized flowers.

6. Going Bananas

Going Bananas.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Going Bananas’

With its eye-catching banana-yellow colour that will brighten your day, this yellow peony is the ideal accent to any tropical-themed garden!

7. Yumi


Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Yumi’

The Yumi Itoh was initially hybridized by Don Smith of New Jersey. The Yumi is a big, double blossom that reaches a width of eight inches. Its petals are a vibrant, authentic yellow.

Its rounded shape and mild fragrance make it a great cutting tool. Though it grows slowly, the wait will be worthwhile. With its dense foliage, the Yumi is a good plant for mass planting and other general garden uses.

8. High noon

High noon.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia × lemoinei

A wonderful and fragrant tree peony, “High Noon” features magnificent semi-double to double-huge yellow flowers with a scarlet flare at the base of the bloom. The aroma of “High Noon” is pleasantly lemony. Often blooms again in the fall. Very dependable peony tree.

9. Golden chariot

Golden chariot.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia’ Golden Chariot’

China is the birthplace of the golden chariot variety. The top terry species is represented by this perennial herb. The petals in the first row are oval, broad, and have wavy edges. The inflorescences are a perfect shade of yellow.

The petals’ form narrows with each successive row, completing the closure of the core. The flower measures 15 cm in diameter, and the compact shrub measures 85 cm in height. The leaves have a yellowish hue and are big, oblong, pointy, and smooth on the margins.

10. Molly the Witch

Molly the Witch.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia mlokosewitschii

Bright yellow flowers bloom in early April on the herbaceous perennial Molly the Witch peony. It grows on steep slopes and in oak, hornbeam, or beech woodlands in the Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Dagestan. Other names for the plant include Caucasian peony and golden peony.

11. Roy Pehrson Best Yellow

Roy Pehrson Best Yellow.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia x lactiflora

A great variety for breeding, ‘Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow’ yields easily both seed and extremely viable pollen. Strong, robust stems and big, medium-green leaflets characterize the bush habit. A profusion of flowers. A lovely garden peony that doesn’t need any assistance from machinery.

12. Blush Queen

Blush Queen.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora

As its name implies, the colour of this gentle peony is a delicate blush. It has peach, white, and yellow tones. Huge petals that reach a diameter of eight to ten inches sprout from it.

In mid-season, the Blush Queen blossoms. It will take up a lot of space in your yard without overpowering other vibrant flowers because it is a complimentary flower. The Blush Queen was found in 1949 by a Dutchman named Aart Hoogendoorn.

13. Canary Brilliants

Canary Brilliants.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia Itoh ‘Canary Brilliants’

This happy peony will definitely draw your attention and make you smile as it adds a flash of bright yellow to your yard.

14. Misaka


Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Smith Opus 1’

The Misaka Peony dazzles observers with its softly fragrant blossoms, which have a peach hue with hints of yellow and a deep scarlet flare at the tips of their stalks. This one blooms in the middle of spring and makes beautiful bouquets.

Its leaves retain their green hue all season, adding stunning colour to the flower beds long after the petals have faded.

15. Butter Bowl

Butter Bowl.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Butter Bowl’

“Butter Bowl” features a ruffled butter-yellow center encircled by a ring of pink peony flower petals that creates a “bowl.” Despite their strong perfume, the blossoms do not smell like butter. It’s a graceful herbaceous flower in the style of Japan.

From late spring until early summer, they blossom. Even after the plant has ceased flowering for the season, it still has a pleasing appearance because of its dense, dark foliage. In the 1930s and 1940s, Reno Rosenfield of Tigard, Oregon, was the original breeder of the Butter Bowl.

16. Early Glow

Early Glow.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Early Glow’

The hybrid Early Glow peony features big, solitary, delicate pink blooms that fade to nearly white with a cream staminoide in the center. The blossoms can be transported close to the canopy of the dark green foliage, where they are arranged in close proximity to it.

Abundant in bloom, the Early Glow peony can completely cover the plant in colour. It grows in a somewhat spreading manner and needs up to one square meter per plant. Within a few years of planting, the plant grows vigorously and quickly to produce a lush bush. The majority of the growing season and into October are marked by visually appealing foliage.

17. Honey Gold

Honey Gold.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Honey Gold’

The delicate white petals of the herbaceous peony known as “Honey Gold” revolve around a golden, fluffy ball-shaped core. Its bomb-shaped, aromatic flowers can reach a width of six inches. The display in your garden will be more striking the older the flowers are.

Comparing the honey gold to some of the other types, it appears more refined and delicate. It will make a great filler on your driveway or in your bed.

18. Sequestered Sunshine

Sequestered Sunshine.jpg

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sequestered Sunshine’

Like a ray of sunshine tucked away in a secluded garden, the Sequestered Sunshine is like that. Its cheery yellow hue will make you feel happy and joyful.

19. Age of Gold

Age of Gold.jpg

Scientific Name: Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony

One of the so-called “lutea hybrids” is this peony, which is a hybrid of two distinct lutea species. Gorgeous butter yellow petals with crimson accents contrast with deeper yellow centers. Ruffled petals adorn the double blooms. A little later than most other tree peony in bloom, “Age of Gold” will reach a height of roughly three feet.

20. Prairie charm

Prairie charm.jpg

Scientific Name: Intersectional Itoh Peony Prairie Charm

Multiple award-winning and mildly fragrant The Itoh Peony ‘Prairie Charm’ boasts medium-sized, buttery yellow, semi-double blooms that are filled with 20–30 petals and have a subtle crimson flush at the center. A ring of long, golden stamens surrounds the green carpels, which have a creamy white tip.



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