41 Peony Varieties: Peony Cultivars With names and pictures

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Peonies will motivate you to design magnificent floral arrangements and gardens. Discover the distinct qualities of peonies by investigating a variety of varieties, ranging from delicate pastels to vivid hues! In this Article, we include many different types of Peony Cultivars With names and pictures.

Popular Peony Varieties

1. Pastel Splendor Peony

Pastel Splendor Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Pastel Splendor’

One of the most popular Itoh varieties of peonies is pastel splendor, which grows erect, single-style flower flowers with a ruffled circle of petals that fades from a bright purple at the tip to a creamy white center. A deep red flare at the base identifies each petal. These petals revolve around a little cluster of yellow stamens that resemble buttons.

2. Krinkled White Peony

Krinkled White Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Krinkled White’

The krinkled white peony is regarded as the most popular variety of single-style white peony blossoms and was awarded the American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit. The petals of these have a tiny curl to them, encircling a small cluster of golden stamens in the center.

Numerous buds are produced by this peony plant, and in late spring to early summer, their fragrant, mildly scented blooms emerge in abundance.

3. Jean Erickson Peony

Jean Erickson Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Jean Erickson’

In late spring to early summer, the Jean Erickson peony bears abundant Japanese-style blooms with many buds. Broad, spherical guard petals surround a core tuft of staminodes that are also a spectacular shade of blood red as these blossoms open out. As the season goes on, the staminodes’ red tips turn silver.

4. White Cap Peony

White Cap Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘White Cap’

The white crown peony’s dark, rather tiny buds blend in with the surrounding greenery. But when one of these unremarkable buds opens, it unveils a real fireworks-like blossom of a peony flower in Japanese style.

The large outer petals of white cap peony blooms are ruffled and have a magenta frill around a prominent fluffy pom-pom of inner filaments in a delicate shade of milky white to blush, with streaks of raspberry running through it.

5. Athena Peony

Athena Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia (‘Athena’)

In reality, the Athena peony is a quadruple hybrid of four distinct peonies. It is among the first peonies to open their unusually stunning, bowl-shaped solitary flowers in the spring.

Every bloom features a single ring of spherical, creamy-white petals with a lavender-pink flare in the center. A noticeable center cluster of red-tipped carpals and gold-yellow staminodes is situated inside the bowl of petals.

6. Miss America Peony

Miss America Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Miss America’

The Miss America peony is a stunning flower that blooms from late spring to early summer. It is a recipient of the American Peony Society Gold Medal as well as the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

The semi-double flowers on this plant have unopened buds that open to a delicate flushing pink colour that gradually fades to a spotless, snowy white with small golden staminode pom-poms in the center.

7. Barrington Belle Peony

Barrington Belle Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Barrington Belle’

Gorgeous semi-double blooms atop robust stalks are produced by Barrington Belle peonies. Two rows of large, satiny petals in exotic tones of magenta and fuchsia with a hint of ruffling are featured on the blossoms.

The eye-catching focal point of each blossom is a large cluster of bright-red staminodes with ruffled golden tips.

8. Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony

Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’

Beautiful big double flowers in an orangey-pink coral colour are produced by this fragrant peony cultivar. Throughout the flowering period, the colour of the first blossom gradually fades to a delicate shade of apricot, giving the cultivar a wonderful washed or variegated appearance.

A Landscape Merit Award and an American Peony Society Gold Medal are bestowed on the pink Hawaiian coral peony.

9. Cora Louise Peony

Cora Louise Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Cora Louise’

Impressively huge flowers, measuring 8 to 10 inches in diameter, are produced by this Itoh peony. Beautiful ivory petals with deep lavender-to-purple brushstrokes marked at their bases adorn these semi-double flowers.

Due to their attractiveness to pollinators, you’ll probably discover a butterfly or two in the centre of the cluster of golden stamens.

10. First Arrival Peony

First Arrival Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘First Arrival’

Among the Itoh peony varieties, the first-arriving peony is a gardener’s favourite. It produces striking 8-inch semi-double flower blossoms in a fun range of colours, from light pink to lavender, with yellow-coloured stamens and deep purplish-magenta streaks flaring outward from the central pom of purple flowers.

A delightful rose-like aroma wafts from the blossoms as they age, their colours softly fading during the flowering season.

11. Prairie Charm Peony

Prairie Charm Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Prairie Charm’

A peony of the intersectional Itoh variety, the prairie charm peony has won numerous awards. It was designated the American Grand Champion of the National Exhibitions and was given an Award of Landscape Merit.

The mid-sized, semi-double peony blossoms with 20 to 30 buttery-yellow petals that have teeth on them are produced by the prairie charm peony. Reddish-orange flares at the bases of the inner petals give these flowers warmth that rivals that of late spring when they bloom.

12. Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sarah Bernhardt’

Famous for its enormous (8 inches wide) blossoms, the Sarah Bernhardt peony won the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Bright pink, akin to cotton candy, blooms amidst these big double petals in late spring to early summer.

Occasionally, bits of raspberry-coloured specks adorn the rosy petals, which are ruffled inside for extra richness.

13. Charlie’s White

Charlie’s White

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Charlie’s White’

Charlie’s White Peonies grow in a shrubby manner and yield massive, snowball-shaped, double, white flowers with staminodes that are slightly golden in the middle. At their fullest, these ruffled white blossoms can have a diameter of up to 8 inches.

Despite emerging on robust stalks, these flowers are so large that they frequently require staking for stability.

14. Buckeye Belle Peony

Buckeye Belle Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Buckeye Belle’

The semi-double blooms of the buckeye belle peony, which contrast with prominent, golden-hued staminodes to create deep, velvety colours of crimson and burgundy, provide a demure elegance to the landscape.

The peony blooms in spring. Planting one in your garden will provide award-winning blossoms for seven to ten days in late spring. This peony has been awarded the Gold Medal by the American Peony Society.

15. Reine Hortense Peony

Reine Hortense Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Reine Hortense’

Garden peonies that produce large double flowers atop sturdy red stalks are also often grown; one such variety is Reine Hortense.

The most attractive aspect of this peony is its light pink, tissue-paper-like blossoms, which look amazing in any bouquet or garden. The petals of the flowers are somewhat wavy or frilled.

16. Gay Paree Peony

Gay Paree Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Gay Paree’

Gay Paree peonies are among the majority of peonies that are truly worthy of being termed garden showstoppers.

The flowers of these herbaceous perennials resemble anemones and have two rings of broad, cerise-pink petals encircling a puffy center made of ivory-white staminodes that resemble petals. Gay Paree peonies are not only stunning to look at but also have a charmingly romantic scent.

17. Festiva Maxima Peony

Festiva Maxima Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Festiva Maxima’

In late spring and early summer, this herbaceous perennial peony blooms profusely in double blossoms that are filled with frilly petals. Usually pure white, the blossoms can occasionally have stunning red streaks or flecks.

This exquisite peony, a beloved garden feature for almost 150 years, was granted the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

18. High Noon Peony

High Noon Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia suffruticosa ‘High Noon’

The tree peony known as “high noon” bears an abundance of semi-double flowers in late spring and early summer. The flowers have a tiny crimson tint in the center and are lemon-yellow to match the somewhat lemony scent they release.

When fully grown, this tree peony may sometimes bloom again in the middle to late summer, which is quite lovely.

19. Joker Peony

Joker Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Joker’

The Joker peony is a popular hybrid herbaceous garden plant that was just awarded the Gold Medal Award by the American Peony Society in 2021. Thick, vivid fuchsia-coloured petals open up to reveal 6-inch complete double flowers.

Mature flowers in the garden have a brilliantly variegated or dip-dyed appearance due to the core petals fading to a lighter shade of pink later on. Joker peonies have firm branches and upright blooms, so they don’t need staking or support.

20. Chocolate Soldier Peony

Chocolate Soldier Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Chocolate Soldier’

The chocolate soldier is one of the darkest-coloured peony hybrids available; it yields flowers with silky petals that are a rich shade of dark, chocolaty red.

A single plant of the chocolate soldier peony can yield a variety of flower shapes, including full double blossoms with a complete pom of cocoa-colored petals and Japanese blossoms with golden-yellow staminodes. This characteristic sets the plant apart from other peonies.

21. Coral Sunset Peony

Coral Sunset Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Coral Sunset’

These gorgeous peonies, which were awarded the American Peony Society Gold Medal, infuse your yard with a hint of a tropical sunset.

Large, coral-coloured, semi-double blooms with bowl-shaped petals that fade from a deep rose to salmon-pink to practically ivory at the tip are produced by them in the early spring. There is a noticeable cluster of golden-yellow staminodes in the centre.

22. Do Tell Peony

Do Tell Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Do Tell’

This peony is the recipient of a gold medal as well as an award for landscape merit. Do Tell peonies have anemone-shaped, lightly scented flowers with a corona of spherical petals that are a delicate shade of shell-like, pale pink. Rose- and golden-coloured staminode centers protrude from the center of the flowers.

23. Henry Bockstoce Peony

Henry Bockstoce Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Henry Bockstoce’

One of the most well-liked red peonies available is this one. The garden hybrid peony known as Henry Bockstoce yields massive, up to 8-inch-wide, complete double bloom blossoms with a striking cherry-red colour.

Additionally, these flowers have a powerful, lovely scent that is lovely to smell in a bouquet or outside. In addition, butterflies are drawn to the floral aroma and make a wonderful addition to any pollinator-friendly garden.

24. Doreen Peony

Doreen Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Doreen’

A wonderful addition to any peony garden is the equally strong Doreen peony. It yields vivid magenta flowers in the Japanese manner, featuring a double row of rounded guard petals. These striking petals surround a large, fluffy pink staminode pom in the center that has yellow ruffled edges.

25. Chojuraku Peony

Chojuraku Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Chojuraku’

This gorgeous tree peony bears eye-catching double flowers with flares of dark, almost black purple at the bases of the inner petals.

The blossoms are a striking shade of lavender. The heated center of golden stamens is surrounded by these cool-coloured petals. The chojuraku (joy of longevity) peony is highly fragrant, grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet, and attracts butterflies to gardens.

26. Bride’s Dream Peony

Bride’s Dream Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Bride’s Dream’

The bride’s fantasy peony bears exquisite blossoms in the form of Japanese flowers. Every flower has a noticeable centre pom-pom of creamy-white, feathery petaloid surrounded by a ring of enormous, snowy-white petals.

These peonies are a beautiful addition to your late-spring garden because they bloom copiously and have lots of side buds.

27. Lady Alexandra Duff Peony

Lady Alexandra Duff Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Lady Alexandra Duff’

Presented with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit, this heirloom perennial peony was first released in 1902. This mid-season peony plant blooms in late spring to early summer.

Its huge, fully double flower blossoms unfold from deeply roseate buds to blushing pink flowers with intricate petals and ruffles.

28. Mother’s Choice Peony

Mother’s Choice Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Mother’s Choice’

The American Peony Society Gold Medal goes to this late spring or early summer blooming. It yields large, double flowers that are mostly ivory in colour with a hint of mild rosiness. When these bloom fully open, they resemble big, rich roses.

The mother’s choice peony, which grows on robust, thick branches, is a great addition to any low-maintenance garden.

29. Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Fairy Princess’

The fairy princess peony’s single-style blooms lend a subdued beauty to any landscape. Little stamens and carpels in a golden-yellow center are surrounded by a single row of silky, wide petals flushed with a deep scarlet colour.

One of the tiniest peony plants, this herbaceous perennial blooms in the early spring and grows to a relatively short height of only around 15 inches.

30. Bowl of Beauty

Bowl of Beauty

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Bowl of Beauty’

The distinctive hallmark of the bowl of beauty peony is its solitary flower type, which features a ring of wide magenta petals encircling a circular core pom of vivid, frilly yellow carpels and stamens. The Royal Horticultural Society has awarded this late- to mid-season peony its Award of Garden Merit.

31. Martha Bulloch

Martha Bulloch

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Martha Bulloch’

One of the most beloved and traditional peony plants is the Martha Bulloch peony. This herbaceous perennial peony bears huge, fragrant, rose-pink double flowers in abundance from late spring to early summer. When cut while in bud form, these flowers can be kept in water for almost a week.

32. Rubra Plena Peony

Rubra Plena Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia x festiva ‘Rubra Plena’

One of the earlier peony varieties is the rubra plena, which is thought to have been widely grown in gardens since at least the 17th century. Large, fully double flower petals with vivid colours ranging from deep scarlet to magenta are the hallmark of this perennial. The blossoms open in April.

33. Lemon Chiffon Peony

Lemon Chiffon Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Lemon Chiffon’

The semi-double blooms of the lemon chiffon peony are almost exactly lemon-yellow, so this peony variety is appropriately named. The flowers have a center of golden stamens and orange filaments surrounded by ruffled rows of lemon-yellow petals. The American Peony Society’s Best in Show title has gone to this peony.

34. Cardinal Vaughan

Cardinal Vaughan

Scientific Name: Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Cardinal Vaughan’

The Cardinal Vaughan peony is a tree variety peony that bears large, papery petals with colours ranging from a purplish magenta to a ruby red. It produces semi-double flowers. The bright yellow stamen center is encircled by a double row of petals, forming a bowl shape.

35. Shirley Temple Peony

Shirley Temple Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Shirley Temple’

Shirley Temple peonies are true showstoppers, much like their namesake. Large, full-double flowers bloom on these beauties for seven to ten days in late spring or early summer. These frilled blossoms blush early with a faint, dainty pink. They eventually fade to exquisite ivory as they open further.

36. Raspberry Sundae Peony

Raspberry Sundae Peony

Scientific Name:  Paeonia lactiflora ‘Raspberry Sundae’

The smell of the raspberry sundae peony is as sweet as its sugar-coated, ice cream-treat look. This perennial yields delicate raspberry pink and creamy white variegated bomb-style blooms with curved petals. This type of peony blooms in the middle to late spring, with the petals’ pink and yellow tones becoming more noticeable as the season progresses.

37. Moon of Nippon

Moon of Nippon

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Moon of Nippon’

This late-spring peony is distinguished primarily by its unusual form; however, it also has a beautiful aroma in the garden. With two rows of broad, snowy-white petals enclosing a perfect half-sphere of golden-yellow staminodes that closely resemble an egg yolk, the Japanese-style Moon of Nippon peony flowers resemble sunny-side-up eggs.

38. Gardenia Peony

Gardenia Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Gardenia’

The full double gardenia peony is one of the most well-liked garden kinds because of its delicate, gracefully blushing blossoms. Initially appearing as light pink buds, these flowers open to show a thick pom of broad, white petals with a hint of rosiness around the edges.

39. Karl Rosenfield Peony

Karl Rosenfield Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia lactiflora ‘Karl Rosenfield’

A beloved garden staple, these peonies yield incredibly stunning, fully double, 6-inch flowers with a traditional, striking cherry-red colour. Karl Rosenfield peony bushes have strong stalks and bloom in early summer, which makes them a great option for cutting gardens. These beauties hold up well in bouquets.

40. Bartzella Itoh Peony

Bartzella Itoh Peony

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Bartzella’

Large, buttery-coloured, bright yellow double flowers, with somewhat reddish-orange centers, characterize these peonies (6 to 8 inches across). A strong scent of sweet and fragrant flowers emanates from these herbaceous perennials.

41. Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune 

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Claire de Lune’

One of the first hybrid peonies to bloom in the early spring is this one. Its single-style peony flower type features a notably golden, moon-shaped center filled with fuzzy carpels and stamens, encircled by a row of creamy-white, crinkled petals.

42. Red Charm

Red Charm

Scientific Name: Paeonia ‘Red Charm’

The red charm peony, a hybrid that won the American Peony Society Gold Medal, can give a striking appeal to any garden with its floriferous abundance of frilly, blood-red, bomb-shaped flowers. This perennial blooms in late spring to early summer and is heat-tolerant, making it ideal for cutting flowers.



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