21 Different Colour Rex Begonia Varieties

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Rex begonia planting but are unsure of where to begin? Depending on what your objectives are, you can cultivate a wide variety of Rex Begonias. Favourite varieties of Rex Begonias are included in this post, along with descriptions and images!

1. Red Kiss Rex Begonia

Red Kiss Rex Begonia.jpg

The gorgeous purple-black leaves of the Red Kiss Rex begonia have a wide ring of metallic red colour. It’s a chic and striking kind of houseplant. About 8 inches is how tall and wide the Red Kiss Rex begonia grows.

2. Mocca Yellow Begonia

Mocca Yellow-Begonia.jpg

This is a tuberous begonia with stunning blooms and interesting foliage, among many other wonderful traits.  Though the exquisite yellow blooms and well-balanced form of this plant compensate for the fragile flower stalks that may need regular pruning, the delicate yellow flowers themselves are worth the extra effort.

3. Angel Wing

Angel Wing.jpg

The wing-shaped leaves of the “Angel Wing” Rex Begonia grow vertically and are dotted with silver. It also yields crimson flowers.

4. Tornado Rex Begonia

Tornado Rex Begonia.jpg

One of our favourite rex varieties is Begonia tornado, which has spiralling leaves that are silver pink in colour and have dark purple-black markings. It is the least temperamental rex we produce and makes a big specimen.

5. Rumba Rex Begonia

Rumba Rex Begonia.jpg

A tropical plant, the Rumba Rex begonia has dark, asymmetrical, red leaves with black margins. With silvery variegation, it can reach a maximum height and width of 8 inches.

Rumba Rex begonias, sometimes referred to as painted-leaf or fancy-leaf begonias, are a hybrid variety of Begonia rex-cultorum that have their origins in tropical and subtropical India.

6. Salsa Rex Begonia

Salsa Rex Begonia.jpg

The tiny, pointed leaves of the “Salsa” rex begonia exhibit amazing colour. They contain a center of rich fuschia and a border of dark green that changes to icy silver. It connects everything together with its dark green veins that flow through the leaves.

It has the same brightness and beauty as a bowl of fresh salsa. Planting this alongside a luxuriant, neutral vine, like Senecio ivy, would look fantastic and highlight the colours in the begonia.

7. Silver Limbo

Silver Limbo.jpg

This is a tiny, small-leafed cultivar with lovely metallic-silver leaves with reddish-purple undersides. With the same spread, it can grow as tall as 6 to 8 inches.

8. Begonia Regal Minuet

Begonia Regal Minuet.jpg

We love this little rex begonia for its colourful presence in terrariums, little areas, and light gardens. Even though it has been in our collection for a while, we have decided to relaunch it. The “Regal Minuet” dark rose leaves feature dark centers, black leaf outlines, and silver banding.

9. Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Lion.jpg

The leaves on this Rex begonia species are swirling and fairly enormous in size. It may also acquire some red and amber tones based on how much sun it receives.

The leaves on this Rex begonia species are swirling and fairly enormous in size. It may also acquire some red and amber tones based on how much sun it receives.

10. Yamileth Rex Begonia

Yamileth Rex Begonia.jpg

The leaves of ‘Yamileth’ rex begonias are medium in size. They start off dark green, fade to silver, and then, at the margins, turn dark purple. This compact, bushy plant looks great in a pot as a houseplant. I would combine it with white or red geraniums in the garden.

11. Red Tango Rex Begonia

Red Tango Rex Begonia.jpg

The shiny reddish-purple foliage of red tango is frequently trimmed in silver. As with many types of rex begonia, brighter leaf colours are accentuated by more light.

12. China Curl Begonia

China Curl Begonia.jpg

This basic Rex reinvents the word “spiralled” with its profusion of texture, colour, and form. The center’s deeply twisted curls are lined with silver, while the edges are defined by chocolate brown and radiate outward from the center.

Gardeners are presented with a multitude of choices for the windowsill, sunroom, or summer potted garden by a rich pink that spills into the silver banding, which dazzles the observer.

13. Spitfire Rex Begonia

Spitfire Rex Begonia.jpg

An annual Rex Begonia variant known as the Spitfire Rex begonia has reddish-pink leaves with green and silvery edges. It has an upright growth habit and can reach heights and widths of up to 8 inches. The amount of light a plant receives determines how vivid its hues can get.

14. Begonias reiger

Begonias reiger.jpg

These begonias are stunning, growing so quickly! Colourful flowers with green foliage and hues ranging from bright yellow to crimson to pink. The cross between wax and tuberous begonia gave rise to the original plants.

15. Blueberry Sorbet

Blueberry Sorbet.jpg

The metallic lavender flush is located in the middle of the medium-sized silver foliage. Its borders are speckled with brown and green marks that are multiplied.

16. Escargot


Another one of my favourite Rex begonias is escargot, which is similar to an optical illusion. Dark green is the colour of these pointed-leaf begonias. They have a swirl of icy silver that resembles a snail shell.

I adore the hypnotic, whimsical look of this rex begonia put in a planter by itself or next to a walkway. Alternatively, it would appear fantastic in a pot beneath a sansevieria.

17. Charm Begonias

Charm Begonias.jpg

The creamy-yellow variegated foliage and light pink blooms of charm begonias are their distinguishing features. The leaves have a glossy sheen that is somewhat similar to wax.

The shade can be beneficial to them, especially in the heat. You don’t need to search far because this plant genuinely lives up to its name by providing a delicate colour for both its foliage and blossom.

18. Marmaduke


The only difference between “Marmaduke” and “Cowardly Lion” is that instead of following the veins, the chocolatey tones are splattered across the golden foliage.

19. Flamenco Rex Begonia

Flamenco Rex Begonia.jpg

The lovely silver-green leaves of the flamenco Rex Begonia are accentuated by red and green veins. It gets eight inches wide and tall.

20. Ballet Rex Begonia

Ballet Rex-Begonia.jpg

Ballet Rex Begonias have amazing mid-green-edged, silvery-green leaves. It gets to be around 8 inches wide and tall.

21. Madame Queen

Madame Queen.jpg

This stunning rhizomatous hybrid is best described as a royal masterpiece of year-round splendor. Its big, beautifully ruffled leaves gracefully emerge from the pot. The underside of the olive-green leaves is a deep scarlet colour.

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