Types of Lipstick Plant: Which One is Right For Your Garden?

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Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus) is a genus of roughly 150 evergreen subtropical and tropical plants in the Gesneriaceae family. They are generally trailing epiphytes with vividly colored blooms that sunbirds pollinate. The genus name is a perfect mixture aischuno and anthos.

Some species are known as lipstick plants because of the look of the growing buds coming from the calyces. The Smithsonian Institution’s World Checklist of Gesneriaceae has a complete list of recognized species and synonyms.

Lipstick Plant

The lipstick plant is native to Southeast Asia. They can be seen growing through the gaps of tree branches. They feature dense foliage, making them ideal for growing in pots or hanging baskets.

The genus covers a wide range of plants with varying features. Some have cuticles that are tough and waxy, while others have much softer leaves.

These type of lipstick plant kinds will bloom all year if given proper humidity, warmth, and sunlight. They often bloom during fall and summer seasons. Though the name implies that it has a lovely perfume.

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Types of Lipstick Plant

There is a diverse range of around 185 distinct species accessible. The most popular Lipstick Plant species are listed below. They prefer bright environments and grow epiphytically in the wild, that is, as non-parasitic epiphytic plants on other plants.

The popularity of this plant, it’s not unexpected that a variety of cultivars have been produced. Among the most widely recognized are:

1.Curly Lipstick Plant

Curly Lipstick Plant The Curly Lipstick Plant is also a native of the Malay Peninsula. This cultivar’s leaves are wavy rather than smooth, making it stand out from the throng. This plant gets its name from its dark green, thick leaves and brilliant crimson blossoms.

This curly plant type is one-of-a-kind and must be seen. This type is defined by dark green leaves that twist and curl. The curled leaves give the plant an interesting and distinct look. This Plant has dark green leaves with tiny, curled leaflets.

2. Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant

Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant

The leaves of the Mona Lisa plant are a deeper shade of green. During the blooming season, gorgeous orange-red blooms will burst through the dark green leaves. Even when not in flower, this eye-catching plant looks amazing flowing over the edges of the container!

This Mona Lisa type of plant is an attractive houseplant with dark green foliage and red-orange flowers. It is Known for its unusual orange-red flowers as opposed to the vivid crimson of a standard plant.

3. Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant

Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant

The Black Pagoda this plant is also known as the ‘Lipstick Black Pagoda’. The mottled, variegated foliage of the Black Pagoda type of plant is more prized than the little green blooms. This is grown as a houseplant in temperate regions.

It was awarded the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Merit Award. They feature stunning golden flowers and like temperatures ranging from 60°F to 80°F. They require indirect strong light. The foliage of the plant is variegated.

4. Variegated Lipstick Plant

Variegated Lipstick Plant

The variegated lipstick plant has medium-green leaves with golden-yellow speckles and tiny crimson blooms. This cultivar’s green leaves have yellow, white, or cream tones intermingled together.

This variegated plant type is recognized for its white-streaked leaves. It has gorgeous red and orange blooms during the flowering season. The plant’s trails may reach up to 2 feet, making it an asset for bookshelf and patio as a hanging plant.

5. Rasta Lipstick Plant

Rasta Lipstick Plant

This is a beautiful houseplant with green curled leaves. Rasta, also known as the twisted this type of plant, has distinctive twisted leaves and beautiful red flowers. The plant is plentiful with lovely red blossoms, making it ideal for interior use.

The Rasta type of Plant is a tropical Asian plant. This plant’s cascading vines with cupped and curled dark green leaves are one of its notable features.

6. Cassiopeia Lipstick Plant

Cassiopeia Lipstick Plant

This is another lovely plant with vivid red blooms that emerge from stunning dark purple buds. The plants feature soft, pointed, waxy leaves with an oval shape and trailing vines that can reach 3 feet in length but are less bushy.

Cassiopeia flower, like other types, emerges from a dark purple-red bud, giving it a tubular form. The flowers of this cultivar are similarly vivid red and appear in groups.

7. Tangerine Lipstick Plant

Tangerine Lipstick Plant

The tangerine lipstick plant has green foliage and orange-yellow blooms. This plant is an eye-catching addition to any décor. The lush green leaves of this plant variety are covered with yellow and orange flowers.

This Tangerine Plant differs from other types because to its thick green foliage that mimic succulent leaves. They challenge people’s long-held idea that all this type of Plants have red blossoms.

8. Purple Star Lipstick Plant

Purple Star Lipstick Plant

Purple Star Lipstick is from Southeast Asia, hence they prefer humid tropical regions. This plant features rich and lush green leaves that match the overall look of this type of plant. It features lovely red flowers with a hint of violet.

Purple Star this type of Plant is distinguished by its erect leaves as compared to trailing vines. With this beautiful plant, you may provide an unique and elegant touch to settings. Furthermore, it features violet-red to hot pink petals that grow as a single flower but develop into clusters.

9. Gracilis Lipstick Plant

Gracilis Lipstick Plant

If you want a neat and delicate-looking Lipstick plant, the Gracilis is the most popular because of its equal-length branches. The leaves on the vines are light green, leathery, oval, and about 4 cm broad.

The brown vine can grow to be 2-3 feet tall, with branches that spread less thickly than other types. Gracilis’ secret is that it is a hybrid version of this plant.

10. Krakau Lipstick Plant

Krakau Lipstick Plant

This unusual species is an eye-catching and appealing shrub with vivid red blossoms. The lovely red blossoms provide an aesthetic appeal to the overall aspect of the plant, which features dark green lustrous foliage.

The Krakau this type of plant features glossy, dark green foliage and bright red flowers. The rich green and glossy leaves of the Krakau stand out.

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