Adenium Plant (Yellow)

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  • Plant Type: Bonsai plant, Succulents, Flowering plant
  • Suitable Location: Outdoor
  • Plant Height: 30 cm
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Best For: Garden decoration, Add beauty to your home and office


Adenium Plant (Yellow) is a species of flowering plant belonging to “Apocynaceae family”. This plant is native to tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa. This is a slow-growing, Bonsai, Ornamental, Succulents plant.

This plant is known for its striking yellow flowers and unique look. This plant has a thick, swollen truck. It has thick, succulent stem. Adenium obesum has showy, trumpet-shaped flowers that appear in yellow color.

They have shiny and dark green leaves. Due to it’s ability to grow in bright indirect light the desert rose plant is a great indoor plant.



Plant TypeBonsai plant, Succulents, Flowering plant
Common NameAdenium obesum, Sabi star, mock azalea, impala lily
Sun ExposureDirect sun
Flower ColorYellow
Native AreaAfrica
Soil pH6.0
Bloom TimeSpring and Summer
LeavesShiny, dark green leaves



  • The spring and summer is the best season to plant Adenium Plant.
  • Remove this plant from its nursery container(original container).
  • Cut off the bottom two-thirds of the root ball.
  • You should take a well-drained container.
  • Take soil mixed with equal parts perlite or sand.
  • Place the Adenium Plant in container and fill with soil mix.
  • Put the container in most sunny window.
  • Keep the container where it can get direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours per day.
  • Water the Adenium Plant when the topsoil dry.
  • Fertilize this plant with organic fertilizer during the growing season(April – August).




  • Adenium plant is sun loving plant. Give them direct 5-6 hour sun light.
  • Water them when the upper layer become dry.
  • This plant need 18 to 35 degrees Celcius temperature.
  • Re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizer.
  • Prune dead, infected or damaged plant parts.
  • You can use Eucalyptus or Neem oil for protect this plant to any insect attack or disease.
  • You should use any organic fertilizer. Feed in April – August month.


  • Do not overwater the adenium plant.
  • Never apply water on direct leaves.



  • This is a popular housing plant with attractive foliage and Yellow flowers.
  • Adenium plant(Yellow) is a Popular house plant.
  • This is a one of the most popular flowering succulent plants.
  • Adenium plant makes your garden attractive for your guest.
  • It is one of the most popular low maintenance plant.
  • Adenium plant don’t need much water or attention.
  • This plant can grow about 2 metres high.
  • Adenium obesum is a perfect ornamental and Gift plant.
  • Keep away your children and pets from this plant because this can be toxic.
  • This plant flowers represent luck and prosperity.



  • Adenium obesum plant has ability to treat wounds.
  • It is used to treat toothache and treat ulcers.
  • It will treat the soles of the feet and relieving from the pain.
  • Adenium plant is used to decorate your garden and house.



  • Put your finger into the soil, check the moisture and then & then water this plant.
  • Reduce watering in winter and rainy season & Water thoroughly in the summer.


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