Jade plant (Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot)

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  • Plant Name: Jade plant
  • Family: Crassulaceae (Stonecrops)
  • Native: South Africa
  • Botanical Name: Crassula ovata
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Type: Succulent plants, Lucky plant, Shrub
  • Suitable Location: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Container Type: Medium sized pots
  • Maximum Height: 3 to 6 feet
  • Maximum width: 2 to 3 feet
  • Plants height with pot is 1-2 feet and pot size is 5 inches diameter.


The Jade plant has thick, woody stems. This plant grows as an upright, rounded, thick-stemmed, powerfully branched bush. Their shoots are in gray-green color. Jade plant originated in South Africa. These plants are robust, simple to grow. They grow most in warm and dry conditions. This can be a slow growing plant, they grow only about 2 inches a year.

This plant is also called good luck charm. Jade plant increase the positive energy in our house or office. This plant absorb CO2 from the environment and provides fresh oxygen. Jade plant is called feng shui plant, it’ll increase wealth and prosperity.

Their leaves have typically tear-shaped, oval-shaped, or wedge-shaped and smooth shiny green or yellow. Jade Succulent plants have tiny, star-shaped white to pink flowers that are grown in clusters. The flower grow in a spring season.



Plant TypeShrubs, Succulent plants, Lucky plant
Common NameLucky plant, Money Plant, Friendship tree, Crassula ovata
Sun ExposurePartial sun
WaterLess water
Flower ColorWhite to pink color
Native AreaSouth Africa
AttractsButterflies, Birds
Bloom TimeSpring
LeafOval-shaped leaves in green color



  • Summer is the best season to plant jade plant.
  • Jade plants are often planted from stem or leaf cuttings.
  • Leaf cuttings take a lot of your time for growing. However in stem cutting case your plant grow quick.
  • If you propagate by stem cutting you ought to take a minimum of a 1-3 inches of the stem. Then remove all the leaves from the stem.
  • Fill the pot or container with a light-weight, sandy soil.
  • Make a hole in the soil and so gently place the cutting into the opening.
  • You don’t need to make a hole if you you’re growing a jade plant from a leaf. You can simply lay the leaves over the highest of the soil, or you will cover the cut end with a thin layer of soil.
  • Place the pot in the area that is protected by full sun.
  • Give them light water per day.
  • After three weeks your jade plant can grow.




  • Place jade plants in a southern window. They need at least four hours of direct sunlight.
  • Water your jade plant when the upper layer become dry.
  • Fertilize your jade plants in every three to four months with a water-soluble fertilizer.
  • Try to keep temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You need to prune jade plants when you see dead, dying, or shriveled branches. Prune off dead or shriveled branches.


  • Do not give them over water.
  • Do not place the jade plant in a very much sunny area.
  • Avoid inorganic chemical.



  • Jade plant has thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves.
  • This is a attractive decorative houseplant.
  • Their leaves are smooth, shiny and in green or yellow color.
  • Jade plants grow well in warm and dry conditions.
  • This is a slow growing plant, but after developing it lives for 70 to 100 years.
  • Jade plants brings wealth and prosperity.
  • This plant has positive energy.
  • Young jade plant grow best in bright, indirect sunlight.
  • This is a perfect indoor air purifying plant in our homes and offices.
  • Jade plant does not need high maintenance.
  • This plant is also consider as a feng shui plant.



  • Jade plant will increase humidity level in your house.
  • This plant attract prosperity and wealth.
  • Make a tea of jade plants leaves it helps to decrease diabetes.
  • Jade plant used to add extra beauty in our house.
  • Jade plant absorb CO2 from the air and give fresh oxygen.



  • Move your jade plant away from cold windows and keep them in dry areas during winter season.
  • Jade plants add shoots and leaves during the summer so give them much water during summer months.
  • For protecting your jade plant, keep this plant in a warm place.


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