Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa, Sacred Fig Plant)

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  • Plant Name: Peepal Tree
  • Family: Moraceae (fig or mulberry family)
  • Native: India
  • Botanical Name: Ficus religiosa
  • Other’s name: Bodhi tree, Pippala tree, Peepul tree, Ashwattha tree
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Type: Evergreen tree
  • Suitable Location: Out door, Garden
  • Container Type: Big sized pot or container
  • Height: 30 metres
  • Spread: 15 m
  • Plants height with pot is 1-2 feet and pot size is 5 inches diameter


Peepal Tree is that the most oxygen-producing tree in India. The peepal tree best for your home or garden to wash the air around. Peepal tree may be a fast-growing, semi-evergreen tree. This plant simply found in parks, roadsides and garden. Peepal is that the one of the longest living trees of the world.

The roots are connected to the trunk. A trunk diameter is up to three meters. The trunk of the tree is irregularly shaped with low buttresses. The peepal is proof against drought and frost.

When the new leaves appear they’re typically pink and darken to copper than green in color. Peepal tree leaves are shiny, leathery, and generally oval in shape. Leaves are in heart shaped.

Their flower is available in spring. It’s flower color changes from Yellow in the morning to Dark pink within the evening. Their fruits are called figs. This fruit (figs) ripen in May and June.



Plant TypeTrees
Common NameFicus Religiosa, Sacred Fig Plant, Bodhi tree, Pippala tree, Peepul tree, Ashwattha tree
Sun ExposureFull sun light
Flower ColorYellow to pink
Native AreaIndia
Life expectancyAround 1000 to 1500 years
Bloom TimeFebruary



  • You should plant Peepal tree by fresh Peepal tree seeds or Cuttings.
  • They need lot’s of space so always use big sized pot or container.
  • You should use a good quality potting combine.
  • Put seeds or cutting in a large container with a drain hole and add in a good potting combine.
  • Plant peepal tree seeds 1/4 to 1/2 an inch deep in individual pots.
  • Take regarding 7-8 inch long and less than a pencil thick cuttings of Peepal tree.
  • Keep the temperature at 20 degrees celsius because it works best for them.
  • Give a lot of indirect sunlight to your Peepal tree.
  • Water them once the upper layer of soil be a dry.
  • It takes one to three weeks for them to germinate.
  • Feed them with organic fertilizer a minimum of one time in spring and summer.




  • The peepal tree loves sunlight and warmth.
  • You should water peepal tree once per week. The soil ought to be allowed to dry between each watering session.
  • Fertilize the peepal tree with good quality fertilizer water-soluble chemical like at least once each month in spring and summer.
  • Prune your peepal tree in spring. After cutting it’ll produce lots of new shoots.
  • If you plant peepal tree in indoor, place this tree wherever it will receive most lightweight.
  • You should use pests and diseases management chemical to on your favourite tree.


  • Be sure not to overwater them therefore don’t tolerate wet feet.
  • Peepal tree don’t grow well in poorly drained soil.
  • Do not fertilize peepal tree very much.



  • Peepal tree life span is around 1000 to 1500 years.
  • Ficus Religiosa is considered to be the largest oxygen provider tree.
  • This tree uptake carbon dio-oxide during the night very well.
  • Peepal tree is the symbol for good fortune, prosperity, happiness and long life.
  • This tree is a perfect as a shade tree.
  • This is a very holy plant as per Hindu Mythology.
  • All part of this plants are useful like bark, roots, leaves, fruits.
  • Peepal tree leaves, bark, and roots help in curing asthma, fever, and in many disease.



  • Make a paste of 3-4 leaves of peepal plant and 50 gram jaggery and take it 3 times per day. It will remove stomuch pain.
  • Peepal leaves help in fever and asthma.
  • You can also drink peepal leaves juice it will treat eye pain.
  • You should also chew the twigs of this tree. It will control oral health.
  • Peepal tree leaves can also help you to prevent weakness of the heart.
  • The leaves of the peepal tree are used to treat kidney problems.



  • You can grow a tree indoors in a pot stuffed with smart quality, well-drained potting soil. However provide them full lightweight.
  • You should shift the tree indoors if it’s growing in a pot during the winter season.


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