Slender Goldshower


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  • Plant Name: Slender Goldshower
  • Botanical Name: Galphimia gracilis
  • Others Name: Gold Shower, Galphimia, thryallis, Rain of gold
  • Family: Malpighiaceae
  • Native to: Eastern Mexico
  • Type: Flowering Plant
  • Suitable Location: Indoor, Landscaping
  • Container Type: Pot
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Average: Height: 4′-8′
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Slender Goldshower is also known as Galphimia gracilis. This is a large, evergreen shrub. It is a good garden plant. This is a attractive and beautiful flowering plant. Sometime this plant is attracted by butterflies.

This plant is with good looking oval-shaped leaves with a somewhat blue-green tone compliment the light brown/beige stem and shinning yellow blossoms.



Plant TypeShrub
Growth RateMedium
Light PreferenceFull Sun
Soil PreferencesAcidic, Organic, Dry,  Well-Drained
TolerancesAcidic, Drought
Water RequirementsLow
HabitatGrown as a garden plant
ColorYellow blooms



  • Slender Goldshower prefers in well-drained, Acidic, Organic, Dry soil
  • This plant Grows best in full sunlight.
  • Apply a general, well-balanced fertilizer annually.
  • These plants require water only in dry periods.
  • Plants may be developed in holders that can be overwintered inside in a shinning sun room.
  • Because of its rapid growth rate, plants may also be grown as flowering annuals.
  • This plant is propagate by seeds or cuttings.
  • Plants may be developed in holders that can be overwintered inside in a shinning sun room.



Slender Goldshower is a easy to growing and caring flowering plant. This Can be grown as a pot plant as well.

What to do

  • The plants grow wilder in shady areas. Occasionally remove leggy stems to keep the plant from looking unruly.
  • Plants are easily grown in fertile, acidic, medium wet, medium moisture, well-drained soils.
  • Water the tree freely during the heat of spring through fall when the plant actively grows with new leaves and stem length.
  • This plant prefers in full sun to part shade.
  • Remove leggy stems to keep the plant from looking unruly.
  • Develops best in shinning daylight and can be trimmed into compact shapes.

What to do Not

  • Do not grow this plant  along a walkway or tall wind region, due to its fragile stems.
  • Inclined to insect bugs in hot climate.
  • Do not over fertilize this plant.
  • Do not over water to this plant it will damage the steams and leaves.



  • Live plant along with a plastic pot
  • Plants nature is Indoor and houseplant
  • It is broadly developed in warm locales all through the world.
  • Typically this is a little evergreen tropical bush that develops to a greatest tallness of approximately 6 ft and almost as wide.
  • It is broadly developed in warm districts all through the world.
  • This plant with evergreen Broadleaf.
  • Their bloom Time is Flowers freely.
  • Gold Shower plants can also be grown as houseplants or in greenhouses.



  • The ripe pods and seeds are widely used in both traditional and conventional medicine as a laxative.
  • It is used medicinally for treating constipation, common cold, chlorosis, and urinary disorders
  • The homeopathic cure Galphimia glauca, alone and in a combination nasal splash, has appeared guarantee as a treatment for unfavorably susceptible rhinitis.
  • Where winter hardy, it may be grouped or massed in borders or foundations for protect other small plants.



  • For best bloom they required cool winters.
  • Plenty of sun light and water make this plant’s growth well.
  • Water to the plant deeply.



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