Orchid Plant (Dendrobium)



  • Plant Type: Flowering plant
  • Suitable Location: Indoor semi shade
  • Plant Height: 30-35 cm
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Best For: Office desk, Gift plants, Table Top, Shaded Balcony


Orchid Plant (Dendrobium) could be a flowering plants belonging to “Orchidaceae family”. The orchids are native to the United States. These are wild, delicate and exotic. It’s about 1000 species.

This plant has typically used in landscapes beautification. This plant is very famous because of it’s attractive and beautiful flowers. Orchid flowers come in shiny purple color.

It’s flower has Three Sepals (outer circle of flower petals) and three Petals. Flowers are in different shape, color, patterns, and size. Orchid plant roots are soft and brown.

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Plant TypeFlowering season
Common NameDendrobium Orchid
Sun ExposureFull to Partial Shade
Flower ColorShinny purple
Native AreaAmerica
Bloom TimeWinter, Spring, Summer
LeafLong and narrow in bright green



  • Spring or summer could be the best time to plant this flowering plant.
  • Take a small plastic or clay pot with good drainage for planting.
  • Remove the orchid from the original container.
  • Put orchid plant in a pot.
  • Fill the pot with growing medium.
  • Place the pot in bright, indirect sunlight location.
  • This plant don’t like abundant water. Water them once the top of soil layer become dry.
  • Give them liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.




  • This plant needs at least 5 hours of full sun every day to thrive.
  • Maintain the pH level between 7.0.
  • Let the top 2 to 3 inches of soil dry out before watering.
  • They required temperature between 40°F to 50°F.
  • Water the orchid plant once in a week.
  • Make sure to maintain a humidity level around 60% to keep your plant healthy and pests free.
  • Use pruning shears to trim the tips of the branches.
  • As spring nears, step by step increase water. Over winter is to keep them slightly on the dry side.
  • You can use Eucalyptus or Neem oil sprey for protect orchid Plant to any insect attack or disease.
  • Harvest flowers when they are fully open.


  • Do not choose a soil that retains too much water.
  • Do not allow them over water.
  • Don’t give them over fertilizer.
  • Not to put orchid plant in direct sunlight location.



  • Orchid is used in medicinal tea.
  • It can helps to treat cancer.
  • Improve eyesight.
  • Gives strength to your immune system.



  • Orchid flower takes about 5-7 years to bloom once germinated.
  • Orchid plant is known for its colorful display of flowers.
  • This could be a fabulous plant by their color.
  • Their leaves are skinny and ovate to loosely ovate.
  • Orchid plant can grow well in a relatively small container.
  • They add a vibrant in your house or office, making a nice atmosphere.
  • This plant has soft and brown roots.
  • They are fast growing, you can shape them easily.
  • This plant also grown in hanging baskets and table top.



  • You can also plant on a slope to help promote drainage.
  • Temperatures should not rise above 90°F or fall below 37°F.
  • You can still grow Orchid plant if you plant it in a pot and bring it indoors for the winter.


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