How to Grow and Plant a Strong Queen of the Night Flower Plant?

Queen Of The Night Flower plant

Queen of the night, often called Dutchman’s pipe cactus, night princess or Epiphyllum oxypetlum is a type of cactus. It blooms at night, and its flowers fade before dawn. This perennial grows up to ten feet tall.

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Croton Plant: How to Grow and Care For This Vibrant Houseplant

croton plant

The croton plant features brilliant variegated leaves and practically unlimited leaf configurations. With hundreds of croton plant variants

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Penta Flower Plant: Guide To Grow Penta Flowers In Your Apartment

penta flower plant

Penta Flower Plants are common plants that grow in warmer climates throughout the world. The five petals represent faith, hope, charity, justice and peace.

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