Money Plant Golden (Golden Pothos)

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  • Plant Name: Money Plant Golden (Golden Pothos)
  • Family: Araceae (Arum family)
  • Native: Southeastern Asia
  • Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Type: Foliage plants
  • Suitable Location: Indoor, semi shade
  • Container Type: Pot
  • Height: 2-3 feet
  • Plants height with pot is 1-2 feet and pot size is 5 inches diameter.


Money Plant Golden is additionally referred to as golden pothos. Golden money plant has giant, glossy, lightweight yellow heart-shaped leaves. This is often a Best foliage plants. Money plant golden is considered as a lucky plant that brings wealth, health, prosperity and happiness within the house.

This plant can add decoration at your house. This plant will survive neglect and adapt to the majority growing conditions to fill your house with a trailing growth of bright green colored foliage in no time. This is often an Air purifier plant that removes indoor pollutants.

Golden money plant wants terribly low maintainance. It’s an evergreen perennial indoor attractive climb plant. It’s long stalks and attractive foliage make it a perfect show plant.



Plant TypeFoliage plants, Creepers
Common NameGolden pothos, Scindapsus golden, Golden Devil’s ivy
Sun ExposureBright indirect light, Partial shade
DirectionSouth to east
Native AreaSoutheastern Asia
Feng shuiYes
SoilFertile and Rich



  • You can begin planting Golden money plant in any season anytime.
  • This plant is extremely simple to propagate and simply grown from a cutting.
  • You should select an area that has Bright indirect light.
  • The growth of the plant depends on the pot size. Fill the pot with a free-draining soil. Actually any soil can do.
  • They thrives in temperature between 65-80 degrees.
  • Make a hole within the soil and insert the node of the cut stem and fill the hole with the soil.
  • Water your plant each seven days (week).
  • Remove dry or yellow or dead leaves and branches to stay the money plant healthy and stop the tree from wasting energy on a dead branch.
  • You should use natural fertilizer like cow manure, compost, and chicken manure.




  • Money Plant Golden can grow best in fertile and loamy soil.
  • Locate your Money Plant Golden in medium to bright indirect light.
  • Water the plant until it runs from the emptying holes. Let the highest 2”- 4” of the soil dry out between waterings.
  • Make sure you increase the wetness within the winter months with a rock tray or a humidifier.
  • Fertilize them once a month within the spring and summer.
  • You can prune and cut its stems and leaves if they wither away or dry up however make certain to keep up it well.


  • Do not overwater
  • Do not offer them over sun light it’ll burn their leaves.
  • Over fertilised harm the leaves and steams of this plant.
  • Do not feed them throughout the winter season.
  • You should not place your Money Plant Golden at North-East direction.



  • This plants are ideal for removing airborne pollutants from indoor air like carbon monoxide gas, Benzene, methanal, and Xylene.
  • Money Plant Golden plants help in reducing stress at work and helps in protective your eyes once you have to constantly glare at your computer screens, laptops, and mobile phones for work.
  • Keep this plant close to the wifi router will avoid kids reception falling sick and elder people getting heartaches.
  • If you place Money Plant Golden plant in your bedroom or a living room than it’ll prevent from any mental illness.
  • This plant helps to remove money obstacles and brings prosperity & smart luck.



  • Live plant along with a plastic pot
  • Plants nature is Indoor and semi shaded outdoor
  • Money plant Golden is a superb indoor plant because of its ability or survive in low lightweight.
  • Money Plant Golden is additionally a simple to care for plant suitable in living room, balcony, sleeping room or in hanging baskets.
  • This is an Air purifier plant that removes indoor pollutants.
  • This plant is with lovely golden heart formed leaves is believed to bring smart luck & prosperity.
  • Money Plant Golden could be a perennial and feng shui plant.
  • Money Plant Golden is known for its never give up attitude.
  • Golden money plant has massive, glossy, lightweight yellow heart-shaped leaves.
  • Money plant golden is best to fill the house with greenery and bring in smart luck.
  • Golden money plant can increase brightness of any indoor area.



  • You can take away any yellow leaves by merely plucking them off or cutting at the bottom of the stem.
  • Watering once the top 25% of the soil in the pot is dry.
  • Shape or control the size of your Money Plant Golden. Reduce to a leaf that’s concerning two inches from the bottom of the plant, to stay new growth coming in.
  • After a year you’ll be able to re-pot in a container one or two sizes larger, with fresh soil and manure.


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