Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica – Baby)

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    • Plant Type: Shrubs
    • Suitable Location: Indoor, Outdoor
    • Plant Height: 20-25 cm
    • Maintenance: Low
    • Best For: Office desk, Table Top, Shaded Balcony


Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica – Baby) is a species of Shrub plant belonging to “Mulberry family”.  This plant is native to eastern parts of South Asia. This is a low-maintenance, Shrub, Ornamental, Gift plant that are great for indoor or outoor.

Rubber Plant is known for its leaves and unique look. This is a great air purifier and helps to prevent toxic. It will remove spores and bacteria from the air. Rubber Plant is a great for a first time beginners.

Rubber Plant has thick stems. They have oval, thick waxy and dark green leaves. Due to it’s ability to grow in bright indirect light the Ficus Elastica is a great indoor air purifier plant.

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Plant TypeShrub plant, Air purifier plant
Common NameIndian Rubber Bush, Ficus decora, India Rubber Tree
Sun ExposurePartial sun
Botanical nameFicus Elastica
Native AreaEastern parts of South Asia
Soil pH5.5 – 7.5
Maximum height40 m
LeavesOval, Thick waxy and Dark green



  • Early spring to late summer is the best season to plant Rubber Plant.
  • Pick a healthy stem with healthy leaves and Cut about halfway up this stem.
  • Remove the bottom set of leaves from the cutting and you’ll need 2-3 leaves on top.
  • Place the Rubber Plant in container and fill with soil mix.
  • You should take a well-drained container.
  • Provide soil which is fertile and rich in nutrients. You should mix  pine bark, peat and coarse sand in equal parts.
  • Put the container in bright spot with indirect sunlight.
  • Water the plant when the topsoil dry.
  • Add the water-soluble fertilisers monthly during the growing season.




  • Rubber Plant need Indirect bright sunlight. Afternoon sun light sometimes burn their leaves.
  • Water them when the upper layer become dry.
  • This plant need 18-20 ℃ temperature.
  • Re-pot this plant after 2 – 3 years in summer.
  • Prune dead, infected or damaged plant parts.
  • Pruning in summer or spring season give you the plant a fuller shape.
  • You can use Eucalyptus or Neem oil for protect Rubber Plant to any insect attack or disease.
  • You should use any organic fertilizer to keep bright leaves and healthy.


  • Do not overwater the rubber plant.
  • Never apply water on direct leaves.
  • Do not prune all-new growth.



  • Rubber Plant is Popular for it’s unique beauty.
  • Their leave and stems makes them wonderful piece for your living room or office desk.
  • Rubber Plant makes your garden attractive for your guest.
  • This is one of the most popular low maintenance plant.
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) don’t need much water or attention.
  • This plant can grow about 40 metres high.
  • Ficus Elastica Plant is a one of the perfect ornamental and Gift plant.
  • Rubber plant can live up to 100 years.
  • This plant will produce lots of oxygen.
  • According to NASA, this is a great air purifier plant.



  • Rubber plant work as an air filters.
  • It will clean up a good amount of pollutants within the home.
  • Ficus Elastica plant is used as the ornamental plant
  • This plant is used to decorate your garden and house or office.



  • Put your finger into the soil, check the moisture and then & then water this plant.
  • Reduce watering in winter and rainy season & Water thoroughly in the summer.



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