Houseplants to Increase Oxygen Indoors

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Keeping plants indoors improve air quality and improve your mental health, and make you feel more peaceful. The mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be imbalanced for you in an enclosed area like a home or an office. The indoor houseplants can help restore this balance. Several houseplants also clean the air by removing toxins. Keeping oxygen generating plants inside the house may increase the quality of life for those suffering from any disease.

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Best Houseplants for Increasing Oxygen Level Indoors

Although keeping oxygen generating plants, these top 5 indoor plants for increasing oxygen level may increase the quality of life for those suffering from diseases.

1. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant


Botanical name: Barbadensis

Best Placement: A Sunny Place

Aloe Vera is also called the “Miracle Plant.” The Aloe Vera is a perennial succulent plant, so there are plenty of good reasons to use this plant as an indoor plant. It is distinguished worldwide for having medicinal properties that rejuvenate, soothe and heal the human body. It has several medical benefits and is a known herb, also known as the wonder plant. It is a nice plant for purifying the air indoor, as it removes the benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Aloe Vera is also known for releasing oxygen at night time. Its an excellent indoor household plant for oxygen.

2. Snake Plant

Snake Plant


Botanical name: Dracaena Trifasciata

Best Placement: The Bedroom

Snake plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue is commonly referred to as a perfect indoor plant for many reasons. As known by NASA, these air purifying plants are top air-purifying plants for bedrooms and living rooms. The Snake plant is an ideal indoor plant. Similar to other household succulent plants, snake plants help to filter indoor air. What’s unique about this special indoor plant is that it’s one of the few plants that can be converted carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This quality makes it an ideal plant for bedroom decor as it will facilitate healthy airflow.

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3. Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Botanical name: Dypsis Lutescens

Best Placement: South – or – West-facings

Areca palm is also known for absorbing harmful pollutants from the air. Its key feature is absorbing formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the surrounding and helps in filtering the Volatile Organic Compounds from the air and purifying the environment. Areca palm is one of the greatest indoor household plants for purifying the air. Areca Palm is known for purifying the air and its ability to produce oxygen and increase its level in the area where it kept. Keeping this plant in the house helps with strengthening the nervous system as well.

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4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum Wallisii

Best Placement: North – or – West facings

Peace Lily plants are excellent at removing air pollutants. The Peace Lily is a lovely plant and one that can improve your indoor air quality by as much as 60 percent. NASA research showed that Peace Lily effectively removed benzene and trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, toluene, carbon monoxide, and xylene. This Plant can lower down the presence of carbon dioxide, and It also earned a place in NASA clean air study due to. Peace Lily can also be rectifying your home by providing clean and oxygen-rich air.

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5. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Botanical Name: Epipremnum Aureum

Best Placement: Away from High sunlight

Pothos is the best indoor plant for oxygen due to its fast conversion rate. Out of all the air-purifying plants in India, Golden Pothos air purifying indoor plants is one of the most effective air purifiers to combat toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, carbon monoxide, benzene, and more. A study conducted by NASA rated the Golden Pothos as one of the best household plants for purifying the air and removing toxins. It proved its effectiveness in reducing formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene. They remove toxins found in carpets, paint, plastics, insulation, etc., from the air around them.

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Air purifying plants can not only be used indoors but also used outdoors. They also help in removing foul odors. They make our quality of life a little better by providing us with a safe and clean environment and providing oxygen, but they are also natural. They bring positive energy to the place where they are placed. They also form a part of the indoor or office décor. These will create a peaceful working environment for you. These plants will lead you to be more focused, which, in turn, will lead to increased productivity and, thus, better quality as well as the standard of living.

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