Dahlia Flower Plant (Any Color)

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  • Plant Type: Flowering plant
  • Suitable Location: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Plant Height: 20 cm
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Best For: Making your garden beutiful and attractive, Ornamental purpose


Dahlia Flower Plant is a bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial flowering plant. This can be a really popular and beautiful plants. Dahlia Flower Plant could be a genus of flowering plants in the “family Asteraceae”. In 16th-century Spanish botanists discovered dahlias.

This flowering plant is native to Mexico and Central America. Dahlia Flower Plant is relatively simple to grow. This flowering plant comes in several colors that include scarlet, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, white.

This plant has small, fully double, globe-shaped flowers. Dahlia flowers have curved, narrow petals. Dahlias bring beauty and life back in your garden. This plants textures and colors are so rich. This is a good for first time gardener.

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Plant TypeFlowering plant
Scientific  NameDahlia pinnata
Sun ExposureFull sun
Flower ColorOrange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, White.
OriginMexico and Central America
Soil pH6.2- 6.5
Bloom TimeMarch to May
LeavesShiny green



  • Mid march to april is that the best time to plant this plant.
  • Choose a container or pot with good drainage. And fill with sandy, well drained, slightly acidic soil .
  • Cut 7 to 8 cm long stem with sharp knife.
  • Dig around 2 to 4 inches hole. Set this plant horizontally in the hole.
  • Fill each hole with the soil and press it gently down.
  • Dahlias fower start blooming about 8 weeks after planting.
  • Water the soil thoroughly to settle.
  • Feed this plant with organic fertilizer after 10 days.




  • Dahlias flower plant prefers very well in a soil which is sandy, well drained, slightly acidic.
  • Water them frequently.
  • Dahlias flower plant is sun loving plant, Give them minimum 5-6 hour direct sun light.
  • Try to maintain the temperature between 70 °- 85 °F.
  • Main tain the soil pH between 6.2- 6.5.
  • You can remove the faded flowers and damaged leaves.
  • Fertilize with a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer.
  • Use neem oil for prevent pests and insects attack.


  • Do not keep this plant wet during active growth.
  • Not to cut off more than a third of the stem.
  • Do not give them over water.
  • Do not re pot Dahlias flower plant 15 days after receiving it.



  • This plants have bold and beautiful Dahlias fower .
  • Flowers are used on festival or occasion for decoration.
  • Dahlias flower plant is a bushy, tuberous, herbaceous flowering plants.
  • Dahlias flower plant do great in both full sun and partial shade.
  • The Dahlias flower plant can be toxic if eaten in large amounts.
  • Put this plant in a group of 3 or 4 plants and see how fast and brilliantly they grow. Dahlias flower plant cannot grow well alone.
  • This plant is varying in colours, sizes and types.
  • Their flowers have mesmerizing fragrance which makes positive effect on the mind.
  • Dahlias flower plant is a national flower of Mexico.
  • This plant can grow about 3 to 4 feet tall.



  • Dahlias flower used for decoration.
  • This is used to makes your garden extra attractive.
  • It is used in medical for therapeutic purposes.
  • Dahlias plant has antibiotic compounds.



  • Give extera heat to Dahlias fower plant during winter season.
  • Increase water level in summer season and provide a deep watering 2 to 3 times a week during winter or fall.



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