Hibiscus plant (Gudhal Flower Plant-Peach Double)

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  • Plant Type:  Peach Double Flowering plant
  • Suitable Location: Indoor or Outdoor plant
  • Plant Height: 10 – 15 cm
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Best For: Increase brightness to your garden


Hibiscus plant (Gudhal Flower Plant – Peach Double) could be a species of flowering plants within the mallow family “Malvaceae”. This plant is very famous for it’s beautiful and very attractive Peach Double flower. Attractive Peach Double flower can make a embellishing expansion to a home or garden.

This genus is very large, comprising a few hundred species that are local to warm calm, subtropical and tropical locales all through the world, starting in Africa. It has been orginated in China, Japan and the Pacific islands for a long time.

It is easily grow in garden. And also grow in pot, container. Hibiscus flower plant has glossy, deep green, alternate, ovate to lanceolate leaves.


Plant TypePeach Double Flowering plant
Common NameRose mallow, China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus
Sun ExposureFull sun light
Flower ColorPeach Double
Scientific nameHibiscus rosa-sinensis
Bloom TimeMid to late summer
LeafGlossy, Deep green, Alternate, Ovate to lanceolate



  • Spring is the best season to plant hibiscus plant.
  • Hibiscus are sun-loving plants, so choose a place that gets 5 – 6 hour daily sun light.
  • Choose a sandy loam, well-drained, moist soil.
  • Try to use pots with at least 4 drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Take a single stem from the parent hibiscus plant. Choose a stems which is smooth and dark green with plenty of leaves by sharp cutter.
  • Remove all the leaves from the stem.
  • Make a 2–3 inches hole. Gently place the cuttings into the holes and press the soil around them.
  • Water this regularly.




  • Hibiscus does best in full sun it need minimum 5 – 6 hour sun light per day.
  • Make sure their soil has excellent drainage.
  • Water this plant regularly.
  • Prune your hibiscus plant during the spring season.
  • Remove all damaged or dead parts of this tree.
  • Use pest free solution to keep your hibiscus plant pest free.
  • Feed this plant with organic fertilizer.


  • You should not use clay pots.
  • Avoid fertilizing this trees.
  • Do not use over water.



  • This plants are known for their large, colorful Peach Double flowers
  • Hibiscus is the national flower of  Haiti, South Korea and Malaysia.
  • This is a very popular and attractive flowering plant.
  • Hibiscus tea brings down blood pressure.
  • Hibiscus flower plant can reach up to 15 feet in height.
  • In China, Hibiscus use in the polish shoes.
  • Hibiscus can be live for 50 years.
  • This flower helps to purify your skin.



  • It will treat skin afflictions.
  • Hibiscus flower can lower blood pressure.
  • This flowers help in reduce fever.
  • Hibiscus tea reduce your diabetes level.
  • Hibiscus oil is works very well in hair growth.
  • Leaves keep your liver healthy.
  • It helps in weight management.



  • If you planted this plant in pot them move your hibiscus plant inside during the winter season.
  • Reduce watering during the winter and frost season and water regularly during the summer.


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