Woodapple (Kavath Plant)

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  • Plant Type: Fruit plant & Tree
  • Suitable Location: Outside, Garden
  • Plant Height: 20 cm
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Best For: Wet and Warm climatic, Making garden attractive, For ornamental use


Woodapple (Kavath Plant) is a species from the “Rutaceae family”. This fruit plant is native to India and parts of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and southeast parts of Asia. It will grow 30 feet in height.

Leaves are with 5-7 leaflets. Leaf is 3 cm long and 2 cm broad. Fruit has a very tough in exeternal side. Fruit contain greenish-brown colour at outside. And contains sticky brown pulp and small white seeds.

Wood apple is a slow-growing fruit tree with a few upward-reaching branches. It makes your garden attractive. Wood apple fruit contains considerable amount of Vitamin B & C,  fat, calcium, protein, carbohydrate, iron.



Plant TypeFruit trees
Common NameElephant-apple, Monkey fruit, and Curd fruit
Sun ExposureFull sun
WaterFrequent water
Maximum height25 – 30 feet
Native AreaIndia, parts of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan
Botanical nameLimonia acidissima
Season of fruitOctober through March
Flower colorRed
LeavesPinnate green



  • Plant Woodapple (Kavath Plant) in the spring season.
  • This fruit plant grow best in a neutral soil pH of 6.0 to 9.0.
  • Always select sandy, loam and good drainage soil.
  • You can begin to plant Woodapple by root cutting and seed.
  • You should place your Woodapple plant on the south facing window, so the seeds get many heat and lightweight.
  • Dig the hole around a minimum of 2 inch deep. Place the seed within the hole and fill it.
  • Water this plant regularly, keep the soil wet but not soaking.
  • You should apply mulch in mid-to-late spring and autumn.
  • Poke your finger into the soil to check the wetness. Water once topsoil (1-2 inches) feels dry to the touch.




  • Put the container in an area with full sun and protection from wind.
  •  Woodapple plant can grow best in temperature between 25 to 37°C.
  • This fruit plant required about an inch (2.5 cm) water per week.
  • Feed this fruit trees with organic fertilizer.
  • Keeps the wetness level high around the Woodapple plant for best growing.
  • Apply a thin layer of mulch around this tree.
  • You should be able to harvest the wood apple fruit after 4 to 5 years.


  • Do not provide them over water.
  • Do not provide them over chemical.
  • Don’t harvest randomly however rather select the mature and totally ripe apple fruits.



  • The Water Apple tree will grow 25 to 30 feet tall.
  • This fruit can be eaten fresh, cooked, or included in salads.
  • Wood apple plant have white flowers with five petals.
  • The fruit is a with sour, funky taste in brown color.
  • This plant is perfect for ornamental purpose.
  • Wood apple is easy to maintain and fast growing tree.
  • This fruit tree is a sun loving tree.
  • Wood Apple tree can live for more than 50 years.
  • This fruit supports in healthy weight and reduces the chances of heart disease.
  • Water Apple tree can produce fruit after 3 to 5 year.



  • Wood apple fruit boost your liver health and kidneys.
  • It purifies the blood.
  • It will control the diabetes level.
  • This fruit Improves sore throat and cough.
  • It will Cure Liver Damage.
  • It will improve heart health and boost immune system.
  • This fruit cures constipation, indigestion, dysentery, diarrhea.



  • Thrive this fruit plant in wet, warm and humid climatic.
  • You should close theWoodapple (Kavath Plant) in a tent throughout the winter season if it is possible.


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